PT Torre - Electrical Energy Quality and Consumption

Electric tension (Volt) at entry (? or output?) of Secondary Substation / "Posto de Transformação".

10 secs granulariy shown (to be revised). Whith this time granularity, we just show the last 26 hours of data. Same applies to the following charts.

Eventually, this data (from PTT-master) will be checked against for consistency.
Current (A) at entry (? or output) of Secondary Substation / "Posto de Transformação" .
Other variables are reported (Active Power, Apparent power, Energy, cos(φ), but all values are zero (?))
THD - U - Total Harmonic Distortion, as reported by UMG 604-PRO (?)

This Secondary Substation / 'Posto de Transformação' feeds a 'site' (cf. made up of:
  • Buildings
    1. Torre do Lidador (Tower, greyish)
    2. Paços do Conselho (blue parallelepiped and white 'cube') contains: Informática (inside the blue building? or the white cube ?)
  • Spaces (?)
    1. Interior Parking (yellow, undergound, private parking + private electrical vehicle charging)
    2. Exterior Parking (white, stret level, public electrical vehicle charging eHub)
The pink block is representing the "Fórum" (out of scope of this analysis).
  • 5 UMG103 devices measuring the five downstream sections to "Torre do Lidador", "Parque Exterior", "Parque Interior", "Paços do Concelho" and "Informática";
  • 1 device UMG604 that collects the measurements from the other 5 devices.
  • "Informática" reports 'no consumption' since its currently being powered from CPE PTxxx81NM.
  • Shouldn't UMG604 be measuring at point Ⓐ or Ⓑ ?
  • Besides the identified sinks, does the secondary substations powers some other areas?
No consumption recorded since "Informática" is being powered from CPE PTxxxx81NM.

Paços do Concelho
Large building (Offices, 24hr active concierge, lighting, HVAC)

Parque Interior
Main consumption:
  1. Charging of electric vehicles (private, only for Municipality vehicles)
  2. Lighting of subterranean parking area
Eventually, this data will be checked against data from HGP (cf for consistency.

Parque Exterior
Main consumption:
  1. Public charging of electric vehicles
Accordingly to this usage, a pattern of 'square waves' is expected, corresponding to charging periods.

Torre do Lidador
Large building, diversity of consumption (Offices, lifts, Lighting, HVAC).

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